HD-PLCアライアンス 高速電力線通信


HD-PLC Alliance announced participation in the New Project



HD-PLC Alliance aims to contribute to the maritime industry by participating in the “Investigative and Research Project for Electrical Construction Related to the Construction of a New Inboard Communication Environment”


High-Definition power line communication HD-PLC Alliance (* 1) (hereinafter, Alliance) is a research project in 2022 (FY4) sponsored by  The Ship’s Electric Installation Contractors’ Association of Japan (hereinafter, Association) (* 2). Announced that it has participated in (public interest incorporated foundation) Japan Foundation grant project and started activities.

The purpose of this research project is to organize the advanced communication technology and improve the communication environment for each point on board, so that it is safe and comfortable.
Aiming to realize life on board, we aim to contribute to the increase in employment of young crew members and the sound development of the maritime industry.

In this research project, the latest status of inboard communication and the latest such as wired LAN / wireless LAN / high-speed power line communication (hereinafter referred to as high-speed PLC)
Communication technology will be investigated, and communication methods suitable for the main points of the ship will be compared and organized.

Furthermore, through trial design for each communication method for communication network construction for standard ships (including new ships and existing ships)
A manual for standard inboard communication design will be created, and rational measures for carrying out electrical work will be examined.

And at the end of the year, a report was compiled, members of the association, owners of coastal and fishing vessels, small and medium-sized shipyards, the country,
It is expected to be widely used by inspection organizations, related organizations, fishermen, etc.

For this research project, this alliance is the revision of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications’ Radio Law Enforcement Regulations (enforced on June 30, 2021) (* 3).
With the new ability to use high-speed PLCs onboard steel (single-phase / three-phase AC 600V or less and DC), we are actively working to solve the problems of the inboard communication environment that the shipping industry has had so far. We will continue to cooperate and contribute to the development of the shipping industry.

The following member companies from this alliance will participate in this research project.

(Participating representative; this alliance technology WG / certification TG
Observer Participating Companies:
Toho Technology Corp. , Shikino High-Tech Co., Ltd., Ubiquitous AI Corporation,
Panasonic Corporation, Electric Works Company, Helvetia Inc., Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.,
Megachips Corporation, Socionext Inc.)

In the future, this alliance will continue to be an international standard high-speed power line communication technology that HD-PLC (* 4) has adapted to the IoT era, not only in the shipping industry, but also in social infrastructure, collective buildings, commercial stores, smart cities, smart grids, smart homes, etc. , We will actively work to solve communication issues in each industry from a global perspective.

* 1: Established on September 25, 2007 for the purpose of expanding the spread of high-speed power line communication HD-PLC and ensuring communication compatibility http://jp.hd-plc.org/
* 2: A corporation established in 1968 for the purpose of strengthening the management base of the ship electrical equipment industry and improving technology, etc. https://www.ship-densou.or.jp/
* 3: Please refer to the revision of the ministry ordinance of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications related to high-speed power line communication https://jp.hd-plc.org/news/press/2021/0720-1969.html.
* 4: HD-PLC ™ and HD-PLC ™ mark are registered trademarks or trademarks of Panasonic Holdings Co., Ltd. in Japan and other countries.