HD-PLCアライアンス 高速電力線通信


IEEE SA and HD-PLC Alliance Webinar March 2021 (3/18)のご案内



IEEE SA and HD-PLC Alliance Webinar March 2021


A Webinar on- Home networking, Industrial and Building automation through HD-PLC (High-Speed Powerline Communication)

HD-PLC Alliance endeavors to create a full-fledged universal network society with a focus on consumer electronics and business applications. In this effort, the Alliance has positioned Power Line Communication (PLC) as a central communication vehicle and is working to promote spread of the HD-PLC format technology in particular. This high-speed powerline technology is ably supported by IEEE 1901 Standards and is being adopted in several projects across the world. This webinar is being organized to bring together various stakeholders from industries, utilities and academia who look leverage high-speed PLC as a core technology and to present them the HD-PLC ecosystem where communication compatibility assures “safe” and “easy” connectivity among HD-PLC networking devices. It will focus more particularly on building automation, industrial case studies and in-home systems.

Topics covered/Agenda:
• HD-PLC technology and Standards
• Building Automation
• Industrial Case Studies
• In-home systems
• Internet of Things (IoT)
• HD-PLC licensing program